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About Bec


Bec McGregor works with kids and animals . . . and loves it! She merged these two passions to create a series of books where young children can picture and read about the behaviours puppies display when arriving at their new home.


With a background in teaching swimming and as an Outside School Hours Care Coordinator, Bec knows that when children learn a new skill set, it needs to be broken down into easy to absorb chunks and combined with lots of fun, positive feedback, a bit of correction and repetition, repetition, repetition. The same goes for puppies.


Bec has also worked with native Australian wildlife at the Australia Zoo. This experience gave Bec an appreciation for patience and understanding as essential virtues when caring for and training any animal, paws or claws.


Always having a family dog and cat about the house and growing up as the youngest child, Bec is fully aware of the trials and tribulations that go along with training kids to look after their pets.