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'Puppy’s First Night is a wonderfully illustrated, informative guide to educate kids about owning a
new puppy. This book can be appreciated on many different levels. It will engage a range of readers with varying abilities. For younger listeners, focus would be on the dialogue and illustrations. For older readers, ‘Puppy News’ will give an insight and understanding of how a puppy develops and its everyday needs. 
The main character Sparkle de Barkle is delightfully shown adapting to her new home. The text is
very easy to navigate as we find out about Sparkle de Barkle’s story alongside more detailed
information. Sparkle de Barkle’s furry friends are a group of lovable characters. Kids will love the humorous dialogue and illustrations. The information about the different breeds and grouping of purebred dogs will particularly help families understand their puppy’s temperament and  personality.
‘Puppy’s First Night’ would be great as a discussion starter for families about to get a puppy or an
informative guide when the new puppy arrives. This book would also be an invaluable teacher
resource helping to educate students about pet ownership and its responsibilities in a fun, interesting way.
Lyn Lysaught
Former teacher and author of the Maisie series of books

Sunshine Coast


'What a great book! Very informative and easy to read. Great illustrations too. An easy guide to help

teach children and adults how to care for their new puppy. I will be getting a few copies for friends

and family. Awesome work Bec!' 


Stacey Taylor 

Redcliffe QLD


'I think the book is a great way to educate children and some adults on how to care well for a treasured pet which is what they should always be my family just got a new dog yesterday so with your permission and if they wish to I will ask them for their opinion on the book.

The book is a very educational quite as well as enjoyable to read well done I am sure it will be a very popular book, I know I would buy it for children.'



Denise Howarth

Proud Grandmother

Sandgate Qld


'A great book, both educational and enjoyable and great to capture the attention of my young dog-loving children.  Will definitely be getting this one out when we go to home our first puppy!


Louise, Mum of three little ones,

Hong Kong


Bec's book is a fantastic guide for families wanting to get a canine family pet. It is written for parents to read to their children, promoting discussion and explanation. While it is comprehensive it is quite brief in terms of words, it has plenty of illustrations assisting the children's understanding. The aspects covered provide an understanding of where the pup came from, right through to its inclusion into the family as a well-behaved member. Highly recommended.


John Groom

Bentleigh Victoria


What a great book for kids and adults too!  The content was very informative at a level that a child could understand, and apply the practice to their new puppy.  I love the names you chose for the dogs too. Of course, my fave is Freddy Fart Whistle. The doggy news, followed by the doggy do's and doggy don'ts is well written and gives a clear answer of what to do and what not to do when taking care of your new puppy.  Your illustrations are awesome too!  I can definitely get a sense of Sparkle De Barkle's character, as she seems to be a very fun and loving.  Also, the girls are very attentive and caring, which shows in their dialogue, when they speak to each other and Sparkle De Barkle.  The most information that I received from your book is to love and care for your new puppy and know the do's and don'ts to achieve that goal.  Thanks for sharing your new book!


Maria Matei

Server at Essence of India



As noted on the back of Bec’s new book "Puppies First Night; Featuring Sparkle De Barkle and her Favourite Furry Friends,” both kids and animals learn better when lessons are dealt in small chunks but in an exciting and innovative way.  

Not only does this wonderful concept of how to look after a puppy tick all the boxes with regard to looking after an animal, training and feeding it; it, more importantly, communicates the concept of how to build a caring, loving relationship.  This relationship could be the parent/child relationship - as they read these pages together and laugh and bond over the cute illustrations, or the child/puppy relationship as the child learns to be responsible for this animal, it’s training and feeding.  

Understanding relationships from such an early age is an important value, and one that will be so important as the child gets older.

Puppies First Night; Featuring Sparkle De Barkle and her Favourite Furry Friends is a sweet, kind hearted, and fun lens on the seriousness of owning a pet.  Bec’s words draw the reader in from the moment we begin, and Kasey’s illustrations add texture and warmth to the written word.

I am very much looking forward to the next book to see what these dogs get up to - as I feel there are quite a few stories to be told.


Caroline Culleton



The pictures were helpful because my boys are a bit young for all the words in the book.  Learning about puppy behaviour is important, and we enjoyed the details in Puppies First Night and look forward to more books from you.


Kimberly Beck, mother of two boys, we live in Canada, Squamish BC.

Traditional Thai Massage Therapy since 2011



A delightful book that has introduced my children to our new friends, my favourite Freddy Fart Whistle and Missy Tilly Wiggles. Best of all, my children have taken our pets back into their lives, interacting with them more and sharing the responsibilities. I hope our new friends continue to grow with us; a great guide for families with new puppies and existing pets. 


Jo Sheldon - Member Victoria Working Sheep Dog Association


What a wonderfully unique merge of your knowledge of children and dogs!

The book covers all the basics children should know about raising a puppy.

She even taught me a few things I didn't know!"




I thought it was great info for young kids wanting a pet dog or even for adults like me that know very little about dogs other than to feed and walk them. I think you might be on a winner here.  


Victoria Brun - Direct Compost Solutions Pty Ltd