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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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Hide and Seek Toys. After school activities!

August 14, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘PawSome’


Word of the week: Repetition; a training exercise which is repeated, especially a series of repeated activities for training purposes “repletion is key to learning new skills.


No doubt when you and your children get home from work and school your loveable pup is so excited to see you return he can’t wait to share some fun time with you, why not treat him to a game of hide and seek with his toys. Even if your dog only has one toy you can play this game.


Of course give your dog some much deserved cuddle time before setting out the backyard or house with his toys hidden in some fairly easy to get to places that will not upset mum or dad nor have your dog entering or jumping places he is not allowed, be sensible and ask if you are not sure, you want to do this again remember.

If you do have only one toy for your pet that’s alright hid the toy multiple times over again, your dog will still gain the same benefits of mental stimulation and exercise.


I generally will pack up Coco’s toys when we finish any play session and leave one or two out for her to play with during the day and rotate through toys as the week rolls by, just to keep her interested and engaged in playing with them instead of the same boring toys every day or leaving them all out for her to become bored with them all.


Coco has about 5-8 toys at any given time, so I collect them all up while she is curiously watching me. I tell her to sit and stay where she is while she watches where I place each of the toys. I place them in a different spots around the backyard. I choose places like behind a tree, under her dog bed, under a hedge, in low branch folk, nestled in the rolled up hose, on a BBQ chair seat, in long native grasses or by the water tank.


If I was playing inside I would pop one under her bed or yours, under a table or desk or place one toy in each room she is allowed in. Basically the toy can sit on the floor in plain sight, it will still be enjoyable for your pet to come across them.


Keep checking on your dog to make sure he is still sitting in the same spot waiting patiently for your command, remind him to stay if you have to. If your puppy is still learning how to stay have helper sit with him to hold his collar gently and remind him to stay while you set up. Once ready walk back towards your dog than give the command ‘Go!’.

It really doesn’t matter which toy he sniffs out first just make sure you encourage him to bring the toy to you, say ‘drop it’. Once it’s out of your dog’s mouth pick the toy quickly and use that toy as encouragement while you walk over to the next hidden toy. Depending on the amount of toys you have and how well your dog is responding to the game you can either carry each toy as your dog finds them or place them on the ground/floor but do not encourage them over as you do for it will be the final place for your dog to find all the toys together again.


Of you can make your own variations to this game as you see fit it just to give you a bit of an idea of some fun things to do after school!

Did you have a go at playing hide and seek toys? Did this game succeed for you and your pet pooch?


xox Bec Mc

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