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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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Growing up with my sister Denise

December 7, 2017

Dog Quote: ‘A dog’s life’


Word of the week: Transcend; to go beyond the range or limits of. Surpass. “a friendship that transcends all others”. Synonyms: Excel, outdo, eclipse.



Being the youngest I was annoying and still am, especially for my sister. Oh well that’s life. When I wasn’t being so annoying I was free to hang out and play whatever imaginary game, roller skating race or swimming competition was going. If we weren’t sitting on the rumpus room floor scaling out our perfect house plans, we would be the comedic voice overs for wildlife documentaries from David Attenborough. I loved watching documentaries on animals and to be able to bounce off one another’s silly commentaries as lions stalked through the African Sahara searching for unsuspecting prey was a fabulous way to entertain ourselves along with developing a quirky sense of humour.


Denise was very creative and imaginative with naming our cats, Gooba, Geek and Booger. The previous cats we owned had typical cat names like Snowball and Smokey, but when the older siblings move out, I wasn’t allowed to name them and Mum didn’t care, Denise eagerly took on the responsibility. To their names credit those cats were the longest surviving cats we ever had. We also from time to time had Budgie’s and two chickens, mine was called Tracey and Denise’s was called Daisy. We loved hanging out in the chicken, following them round the backyard and finding eggs. Tracey and Daisy actually lived longs lives too but after they went to the farm ‘beyond yonder’ we didn’t get any more chooks.



When we visited Grandma and Grandad Watson we would bike ride around the North Brisbane suburbs, fill in the time scooting up and down the driveway, climbing the Mango Tree and crawling in under the house just because we could. Grandad would tinker in his shed and Grandma would take us to her work at the local corner store several houses down the road. When we were on our best behaviour we would be allowed to fill a bag of lollies from the counter display or have hot chips for lunch, Grandma’s know how to look after kids!


Dad used to drive a white van, we had a very now politically incorrect name for it but at the time it seem to perform a certain way. It had no seats in the back for a short while and when it did get seats we hardly used them as the tire mould on either side was the best seats as you could slide off when the driver braked making it hilarious fun for us, but highly illegal now. Young Talent time was on the TV back then and I think Denise and I thought we could entertain people too, by performing puppet shows out the back window of dad’s van to following passengers. We would sing B.I.N.G.O and Old Macdonald as we danced dolls around thinking other motorists loved it, we didn’t really know any better nor did we care, but it was entertaining and memorable fun to us!


Do you have some funny stories about your sister to share?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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