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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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My Mum

May 22, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘Dogs invented unconditional love.’


Word of the week: Affectionate; readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness. "his affectionate nature" Synonyms: caring, doting, tender, warm, warm-hearted, big-hearted, unselfish, kind, kind-hearted, kindly.


What would we do without them? Mum’s are our life-force and if you’re lucky like me, Mum’s can be pretty good confidantes too. Life certainly isn’t always roses and when you’re a Mum you generally are always expected to pick up the pieces, wipe away the tears and bake a cake to make everything ok again. How on earth do you do it? Any Mum, HOW do you do it!? I’m clearly not a Mum yet so hopefully when I become one I am as giving as my Mum is.


When I grew up, being the youngest of 4 children had its pro and con’s and along the way my Mum, Beverley, did her best to keep us all on track, to make the most of our youth and hopefully grow into sensible adults. For the most part that is true I enjoyed my youth but sometimes I went off track and I’m generally a sensible adult, Mum lets me know that it’s just all part of the unique mix that makes me, me, and I’m ok with that too.


My memories of Mum growing up are more a general sense of the occasion instead of defining moments. Mum seems so relaxed for the most part, usually turns any situation into a fun one but at the same time is very firm about certain aspects of life like tidying up your room, cleaning the kitchen before bed and NO swearing until you’re 18.


During gatherings there would appear an array of food and drinks that were prepared seemingly effortlessly by Mum, we were often treated to slices of watermelon and other summer fruits whilst basking in the pool and got to bake all sorts of yummy treats which on reflection reveals Mum generous caring spirit with the need to nourish us. I do recall several of my brother’s friends would roll in after school for a swim and help themselves to whatever was in the fridge or pantry as they strolled through the kitchen, it was that level of comfort and Mums' extraordinary way of gladly providing snacks for growing, ravenous teenage boys.


Mum had a ‘get on with it’ and a ‘give it go’ attitude and when it came to learning new things, just like my Grandad and Grandma. So when it came to swimming I just had to do it, making sure to get to the surface, to keep up with the older kids; when I stacked my bike, after the laughter, I was encouraged to get up and keep going and of course when it came to finding my own way in life I had to be accountable for my own actions, when Mum forget to pick me up from school just walk in the general direction, Mum would sometimes collect en route or I’d end up home eventually.


Although Mum always maintained that our pets were just animals and that they were our responsibility, we had to look after them, feed them and exercise them ourselves but somehow Mum would always be the cheeky one who gave the dog an extra treat because ‘he looked hungry’, let the cat sleep on the bed with her because ‘he was cold’ and caught talking to our pets like they were her friends, clearly not just an animal.

In recent years I’ve taken it upon myself to create some situations where Mum has to get out of her comfort zone. Mum can’t stand heights so when holidaying I make sure I take her up the tallest buildings, go on gondolas up the highest mountains and go on tree top walks, what else are daughters for!


Sometimes these life lessons from Mum were done without words, sometimes done with a raised voice and sometimes repeated over and over and over again but without Mum’s unique way of raising me I wouldn’t be who I am today and be grateful to have the substantial relationship we have today. So thanks a bunch Mum, I think you’re pretty special!


When you think of your Mum what great qualities about her come to mind?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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