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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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My Pets pulled me through some tough times

July 17, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘Wagging tails and love’


Word of the week: Attentive; paying close attention to something. “never before had she had such an attentive puppy”. Synonyms: alert, watchful, observant, aware, on the lookout..


Like swimming I can’t ever remember learning how to swim, I love it, I started before I could walk so I don’t know any different and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have always known life with an animal, whatever it was a fish, bird, cat or dog, your general suburban pets and certain pets have the ability to respond to your emotional state and dissipate any overwhelming feelings in one furry loving little wet lick. I was exposed to their unconditional love long before I could comprehend their therapeutic abilities. Knowing the cat and dog never judged me, never cared what I wore and most importantly would sit seemingly happily by my side to listen to my unruly rants about life in general made certain situations in life seem a lot easier to get through.


I recall over hearing several conversions the adults in my life were having discussing my grandmother Muriel’s battle with Alzheimer’s and how the disease would ultimately take her physical form from us. Seeing my once lively, energetic and funny grandmother wither into a fragile shell of herself with lifeless eyes, the inability to walk and care for herself was heartbreaking. As a teenager I had not personally experience the death of a loved one at that point in my life. How on earth do you bring up a conversation with your family about death? I had no comprehension of initiating that kind of conversion with anyone, so I resorted to shedding the upsetting feelings to our dog Snoopy and our cat Booger.

After Grandma was diagnosed and visible signs of the disease were apparent and a few years before Grandma finally succumbed to the alarming toll the disease took on the organs necessary for basic survival, I distinctly remember sitting in the doorway of the side entrance to our house with the cat in my arms and Snoopy sniffing around the side garden and imagining one of our beloved pets passing away, not only realising how upset I would be about when that time came about but how much I loved the time we got to spend together when Grandma was well.


I did shed a tear during that moment as it dawned on me that Grandma would not recover from this disease, there was nothing anyone could do to reverse to symptoms and that all we could do was be there to provide experiences where she showed signs of engagement, when my baby niece and nephew or my Grandad visited (she never forgot him). To me by talking to my pets I realised how important it was to love someone or something in the present moment while they are a part of your life.

When you are a pet owner or have access to spending time with an animal (provided you are not allergic or have an intense fear of them) you will understand that imparting your inner most thoughts and feelings to another impartial being is such a prolific experience. In a way saying out loud our inner thoughts to an animal family member lightens the load, freeing up our brain space from unhelpful thoughts and emotions constantly circling around in head, once It’s out there let the universe deal with it. In that moment, with my cat sitting in the doorway, as I created a scenario in my head of the inevitable outcome I accepted Grandma’s death, I grieved at that moment for her and it helped me get through some confusing situations the future was about to bring as I lived through witnessing Grandma’s untimely deterioration.


By the time Grandma passed I accepted her death as I took the time to process the idea of no longer having her in our life. I knew she would no longer be suffering unable to hold us, unable to communicate with us to let us know how she felt trapped inside a body that no longer co-operated with her thoughts. I am really pleased to have been treated to the presence of such a wonderful endearing women and I hold the precious memories I have of her very dearly.


Thanks to my unwitting furry therapists I was able to make sense of a very difficult confronting experience in my life and my pets allowed me to express thoughts and feelings I couldn’t express to people in my life at that time. Lucky the animals only expected kibble as payment!

Have had an experience where you pet has helped you pulled through for the better?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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