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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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The background story to 3 of your favourite characters

March 27, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘Homes is where the dog is’


Word of the week: Socialisation; 1) the activity of mixing socially with others."Socialization with students has helped her communication skills." 2) the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. "Pre-school starts the process of socialization".



Sparkle De Barkle: Sparkles character is a blend of several dogs I have meet over time not one particular dog. My eldest sister owned a dog called Lou Lou, a Powder Puff. Lou Lou was tiny, black and curly with a beautiful nature and I really wanted a cute breed to represent such a cute name. As I read about Maltese/Havanese dogs I knew this was the breed Sparkle was meant to be. Sparkles family in Puppies First Night however is based on the wonderful girls Liliana, Annalise and Ellyssa. As much as the girls would have liked to be their real dog Coco owners in the book, I came up with the families last and added them to the storyline. Sparkle had already been cast as the main character in the book and I wanted the girls to be in the first book of the series. Sparkles character is sweet and caring and friends with everyone, especially Ruby Doo. Missy ‘Tilly’ Wiggles character loves to play the stylist and dresses herself up in cottons and wool, while dressing up Sparkle in sparkles, flowers for Coco Twinkles and dazzle Ruby Doo in gold and ruby red. Freddy Fart Whistle loves to dress up with Sparkle while Benji Boo Boo, Sir Charles and Dr Ris Otto try to impress Sparkle and Missy with their own styles. Even Sparkle is afraid of some things, being sick as she has a sensitive stomach and the sound of emergancy vehicles makes her want to run and hide.


Freddy Fart Whistles: Freddy’s character came about when I took the real life Coco to the local dog park for her very first time. The real life Freddy was already playing in the dog park with his carer and was a few months older then Coco. Coco was so shy and Freddy was a gentlemen, he left her to do her own thing until she was comfortable with his approach. Their friendship is one with little silly play but lots of sniffing and trotting around relaxed in each other company. Since Freddy is the first dog Coco officially met Freddy became a character in the book. The full name Freddy Fart Whistle came from my childhood, I remember my Grandmother saying it. I’m not too sure who she was referring to specifically as I cannot recall knowing a Fred but the name stuck with me.

Freddy Fart Whistle’s cheeky book character is a bit of a Prankster, an aspiring Magician he does have a fear of fire and Dr Ris Otto is Freddy’s best friend.


Coco Twinkles: The whole book series is based on the real life Coco, even though the name Sparkle De Barkle was the catalyst for the book series, the challenges brought about by the memorable experiences the Girls and I had with Coco Pup created the need for the content in the book be based on facts. Twinkles was added to her name in honour of a handmade Christmas Star with ‘Twinkle’ written across it. I received this star as a present from the girls friends; Jo, Anna, Jess and Ben who are Coco Twinkles book family since they are very good friends with the real Coco. I hung the Christmas Star in my new car and christened my car ‘Twinkles’ because the ornament was too lovely to see just once a year. By naming my car this prompted Ellyssa to informed me that the car was Coco’s now it’s to be called ‘Coco Twinkles’ because Coco travels in the front seat. We have far-fetched imaginations and when travelling in the car we all have a lot of fun and Coco likes it! Coco’s book character loves to play stalk and pounce with Benji Boo Boo and Bully Booff-star. Coco loves flowers and is often distracted by her family’s flower gardens day dreaming. Coco has a fear of the sound of vacuums and Missy ‘Tilly’ Wiggles is her best friend.


Which character does your pet liken to?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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