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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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The background story to 3 of your favourite characters PART THREE

April 24, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘Wet nose warm heart’


Word of the week: Nourishment: 1) the food necessary for growth, health, and good condition. "a balanced diet is how a puppy obtains nourishment." 2) the action of nourishing someone or something. "the nourishment of our bodies and of our minds.


Benji Boo Boo’s: Benji Boo Boo’s character is based on my nieces dog Benji, a mixed breed rescue dog who at times bumps into things because he’s not very spatially aware. I changed Benji’s real breed to include the group breed, Utility Dog, so Benji became a Boxer. When researching about Boxer’s I came across a very fitting fact that matched the breed I turned Benji into. When excited Boxer’s will make a Woo Woo sound and do nose to tail circles too. How cute Benji Boo Boo goes Woo Woo! And the real Benji does like to do nose to tail circles.

Benji Boo Boo’s book character is always clowning around, slightly accident prone, snores and drools when sleeping and loves to play stalk and pounce with Bully Booff-Star, since Boxer’s like cats and he tries to copy Bully Booff-Star since he has catlike traits. Benji fears being left alone and Sir Charles is his best friend.


Sir Charles: In real life Sir Charles is known as Charlie, my brother’s late very handsome blonde Lab. I changed his breed in the book to accommodate a higher maintenance dog so a Husky he became for fictions sake.

The book character Sir Charles is a rescue dog who was given up due to the lack of understanding the necessities required to care for such a distinctive breed. He howls on occasions, loves super playing heroes and chasing down Bully Booff-Star. Sir Charles fears being sent back to the shelter and his best friend is Benji Boo Boo.


Bully Booff-Star: Booff is actually my cat. My wonderful friend Carmen needed a safe happy home for him after her cat Flea had kittens, Booff was the last one to be rehomed. When I meet him, I couldn’t let him be unloved. Booffs head was way too big for his body when he was little but now at 12 years old his body has caught up. Booffs book character tries to be posh like Sparkle De Barkle and Freddy Fart Whistle. He is friends with Benji Boo Boo and Coco Twinkle and likes to play stalk and pounce with them. Dr Ris Otto, Ruby Doo and Missy Wiggles and Sir Charles chase Booff whenever possible.


I’m excited to share more about all the book characters as I develop each book in the series!


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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