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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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The background story to 3 of your favourite characters PART TWO

April 10, 2018

Dog Quote: ‘All great friendships start with a paw-shake’


Word of the week: Imprinting: Of a young animal, come to recognize another animal, person, or thing, as a parent or other object of habitual trust. “the bird thought I was its mother and imprinted on me



Dr Ris Otto: Dr Ris Otto’s character is a mash up of three dogs I came across during Coco’s puppyhood. First dog, the girls know a family, Greg, Sue and Lilly who would house seeing-eye dogs before they would head off for further training. Otto was a few months older then Coco and a blonde Labrador. The second and third dogs belong to a carer at the local dog park, Greyhounds called Lucy and Otto. Lucy is a beautiful blue grey colour and Otto is shiny black. I knew I needed to represent the hound breed group and meeting two dogs called Otto made it an easy choice to create the character. I used Lucy’s colour because Sparkle was already black. Since greyhounds are very lean I thought I’d give his name a food twist so Dr Ris was added to the Otto.

Dr Ris Otto’s book character is very knowledgeable along with his best friend Freddy, he loves to read books in bed and chase Bully Booff-Star but also imitate him. Dr Ris Otto has a fear of balloons and party blowers.


Missy ‘Tilly’ Wiggles: When I think of a loyal, well trained dog, the real life Tilly will always be a standout cattle dog for me. Her adventurous owner Scotty would take Tilly everywhere he possible could. Tilly would happily be by his side and do everything asked of her while always showing so much love and devotion towards Scotty. Seeing this kind of friendship with my own eyes was heart-warming so of course Tilly had to be featured in my book.

Affectionately I call the real life Coco ‘Missy Wiggles’ from when she greets me at the gate, always with a toy and always wiggling her bottom in a delightful welcoming way. Cattle dogs generally love to be busy so Missy Tilly Wiggles as a name seemed to fit together nicely.

Missy’s book character loves to round up everyone for games, enjoys styling Sparkle, Coco and Ruby and loves to dance. When feeling energetic Missy chases Bully Booff-Star with Dr Ris Otto, Ruby-Doo and Sir Charles. She fears being confined and her best friend is Coco Twinkles


Ruby Doo: Is really my sisters terrier called Ruby Doo. The real Ruby is has been a part of the family for 8 years. When Charlie was alive he taught her outstanding doggy manners as she grew up, she is very feisty when she doesn’t like things and very playful. Ruby loves her mum Denise and will get jealous if Benji gets in her way.

Ruby Doo’s book character loves to talk and loves to jump things. She will entertain everyone by performing outstanding feats of bravery. Ruby follows Coco Twinkles, Missy Tilly Wiggles and Benji Boo Boo chasing around Bully Booff-Star. She also likes to Jump with Sir Charles and dress up with her best friend Sparkle. Ruby fears Thunder Storms and Lightening which makes her shiver and seek company.


Which 3 characters in the book are left?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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