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September 12, 2018

May 22, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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Ways to sleep easy

December 21, 2017

Dog Quote: ‘All you need is love and a dog’


Word of the week: Foundation; the building blocks to a fulfilling relationship and outcome. “strong foundations will hold us together forever.”




y routine hasn’t changed much for me since I was young so routines are important to set in place as best as possible for children as well as puppies. For me it was hot shower, read a book, think about all the not so good things in the day and replace them with the good things that did happen that day and then wonder what I would do tomorrow. Be sure to be as consistent as you can be as it will reflect on the long term outcomes.


A consistent and habitual routine before bedtime and upon waking must be adhered to. Before bedtime routine; take her for a walk and play to exhaust her. Then toilet her for a more sound sleep. Upon waking routine; for now carry her to her toilet so there’s no accidents on the way. Carry her straight back to her bed and resettle her quickly. Eventually let her walk to become familiar with the way on her own. No napping 1-2 hours before bed. No food (including treats) or water after 6-7pm, it causes more toilet trips.



The crate is her bed and it’s a safe place to rest, place it within earshot during her first nights so she knows you’re near without feeling isolated. This helps form the foundations of trust and understanding, you are the new loving leader she needs to reassure her. Place her crate in your bedroom or at the bedroom door. Sleeping in the bed isn’t a good idea, this may harm your dog if you roll on her. Placing your puppy’s bed far away from where you sleep such as the garage or a down stairs laundry, increases her insecurity. The whines and squeals will get louder and can lead to mistrust and intense anxiety causing behavioural issues later on. Separation anxiety, no mother or litter mates to snuggle with and feeling vulnerable to “predators” can be an upsetting experience. To discourage their mother from leaving for too long pups will cry, howl and squeal.


Your pup may have trouble falling asleep in the absence of its brood. This is where a blanket, fabric toy or towel with familiar scents works at its best. The scent of its mother and her littermates will give her some comfort. Your scent will associate you as her new pack leaderIgnore the initial cries whilst settling, she needs to feel secure but not be unnecessarily over handled throughout the night. Just a little physical contact to sooth and increase your loving bond. You are setting boundaries for when its play time and when it’s sleep time.


Soon she will begin to understand bedtime and your expectations, be consistent. If she awakes and vocalises after a few hours during the night it means its toilet time. Follow the same routine each night and eventually your puppy will master her toileting urges, she will sleep through the night and adjust to the way your household operates day in, day out. Too much attention during bedtime hours will unsettle and confuse your puppy.


What helps you or your puppy to get a good night’s rest?


Thank you for reading, Join me next time,


xox Bec Mc

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